The collaborative process begins when we set up a meeting in your workspace to discuss your goals while brainstorming how to create strong narrative photographs to reinforce these goals. We establish a shot list that includes key elements you want photographed. You decide what photography package best suits your needs and budget. I then draft a contract reflecting our goals, estimate how long the shoot will take, and factor in any expenses so there are no surprises when we’re underway. Once the contract is signed by both of us, I collect a 50% deposit.

Now I’m ready to tell your company’s story: I begin creating a visual thread of images using my artistry and technical skills while paying close attention to our outlined goals. Generating new angles and perspectives within the camera’s frame allows me to compile enough material to make a wide edit and avoid image redundancies. I strive to deliver quality images over quantity.

Image Editing & Delivery: We schedule a time to meet in person to view the images on my computer using my photo-editing software within 5-7 days after the shoot. Now is your opportunity to select the images that resonate and embody your company’s vision. When a selection is made that equals the number of images in your package, I move the images into a separate folder and copy the folder onto a USB thumb drive. I hand the drive to you in exchange for the final balance.  

Image Package Rates: 

$1,500 for 15 Images 

$3,500 for 40 images 

$5,000 for 75 images